1.Your complaint or suggestion will always be monitored and answered by the ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments Administration.

2.The complainant must indicate identifying elements that enable the analysis and describe clearly and completely the facts that motivate the complaint.

3.Any complaints or suggestions you wish to make should be done by one of the following means:
a)In the form provided on this page;
b)By e-mail to [email protected];
c)Through the Online Complaint Book, available at

4.To ensure further analysis and follow-up, all complaints or suggestions should be submitted within 20 working days after your stay at the ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments.

5.Your complaint or suggestion will be reviewed, and you will receive a response as soon as the process is closed. All steps will be taken to expedite the conclusion of the complaint processes. In cases of high degree of complexity, the complainant will be informed by the means deemed most appropriate.

6.In the event of a claim filed for non-compliance with the services presented, the client may call the security provided for in the applicable law (provided that the claim is based on non-compliance with duties that are guaranteed by said security), and for this purpose must apply to Turismo de Portugal, I.P., which the guaranteeing entity demands, presenting:
i)Judgment final and unappealable, including the amount of the debt, certain and net;
ii)Arbitration award;
iii)Document requesting the intervention of the arbitral commission, under the terms of applicable law, provided with the supporting evidence of the alleged facts.

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