Dear guest,

For your own comfort and safety, as well as for the other guests’, we strongly recommend you to read our recommendations and best practices guide provided in the Rules of Procedure of ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments:

Your stay at our local accommodation is governed by the conditions described below.
You can also consult them at, as well as in the Welcome Dossier available in each studio.


CHECK-IN: between 3pm and 8pm

CHECK-OUT: until 11am

Any request for late check-out or early check-in must be requested at least 72 hours in advance and always subject to approval on the basis of bookings foreseen for the various studios by the ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments Administration.


You must show a valid photo ID (eg. ID, passport or another valid ID) upon check-in.


Studios are cleaned on average every 2 days, including towel replacement. Bed linen is replaced on average every 6 days. In case you need additional cleaning, please contact us. Daily cleaning can be provided upon request and availability.


- Maintain conduct consistent with the socio-familiar environment of the local accommodation;
- Bring to the attention of the ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments Administration any irregularities that occurred to ensure the prompt follow-up;
- Check-out the studio by 11am on the scheduled date;
- Use the local accommodation goods carefully to avoid damage such as staining or tearing bed and bath linens, damage to electrical equipment, furniture or decoration and lighting objects. Any damage will be charged to your room rate.


- Reservations are not accepted for children under the age of 18, and minors must always be accompanied by legal representatives or someone appointed by them;
- It is not possible to host people beyond the limit allowed in each studio;
- It is not allowed to perform acts considered harmful and / or inappropriate to morality and good practices;
- It is not allowed to hold any kind of parties inside the studios;
- Smoking is not allowed inside the studios, toilets or other indoor areas. You must use the outside area of ​​the local accommodation for this purpose.
- Respect the silence and the other guests. Loud noises are not allowed, especially between 11pm and 7pm.
- The possession and use of any type of object or substance legally prohibited or any type of weapon is not allowed;
- It is not accepted the practice of sports or activities in inappropriate places or that may pose risks to other guests;
- Don’t use and leave your toys in inappropriate places or that may cause damage to third parties.
- Animals are not allowed in the building;
- It is not allowed to take the towels from the rooms to the beach;
- Guests are not allowed. Only guests may stay inside the building and studios.


Take good care of your belongings such as cameras, cell phones, backpacks, bags, etc, while on the common areas of the local accommodation. Never leave these objects unattended. It is your sole responsibility to keep them.

When leaving the studio, make sure you have locked the windows and closed the door. Goods and valuables such as jewelry, watches, cameras, mobile phones, credit cards, IDs, passports or cash must be safeguarded, and this responsibility is your own.

ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments is also not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles, or damage caused by weather and nature, such as burglary, fire, acts of vandalism by third parties, etc.

ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments will not be responsible for objects or values ​​forgotten inside the vehicles as the parking is public, since it does not have private parking.

It is not allowed to bring bathing clothes or other objects owned by the local accommodation. Any damage that may be caused to the property, either by the owner of the accommodation or their companions, will be regularized upon closing of the account. It is not allowed, at any time, the use of sound systems or instruments that disturb, as well as conversations in loud voices, shouting or chattering that disturb the tranquility or cause embarrassment to other guests, especially between 11pm and 7am. From 11pm onwards, silence must be respected by all, except in internal events of the local accommodation, of which all guests will be notified.

Management reserves the right to deny accommodation to anyone who acts improperly, contrary to this regulation or violates legal or moral standards.

It is reserved the right to request the eviction of the studios when verified the use by drunk people, for potentially illegal activities, or other behavior contrary to morals or good practices.

The belongings of the lost or forgotten guests will be kept for a maximum of 3 months. After this time, ON/SET reserves to do as it pleases with the itens.

Any omissions in these Regulations will be settled by the ON/SET Alfama – Lisbon Cinema Apartments Administration.

For any complaints, suggestions or requests for further clarification, please send an email to: [email protected] or report them in the complaints book on studios.

We wish you a nice stay.
ON/SET Alfama
Lisbon Cinema Apartments

Lisbon Cinema Apartments